it's not all fun and sun on the beach

The cold, wet group of humanoids make it to the opposite shore of the river as the battle continues above. At the moment, it seems that the drow are evenly matches against their attackers and the battle could go either way.

Covered with sand and weighed down by your shackles and chains, everyone is starting to feel post-adrenaline weariness. Some sit where they stand, working to see if they can remove some of their restraints. Others just stand and watch the battle above.

There are three visible directions that you could go to continue your escape. There are openings to the north and south if you wanted to follow the river and there is a opening to the west that takes you further from the river.

The members of the group that are familiar with the area start a conversation about which way to go next.

“To the north lies Menzoberranzan, but I have no wish to return there.”, Sarith says in a hushed whisper. He looks down at Stool, who is standing at his feet. " Stool wishes to return to his home in Neverlight Grove, which we can get to by heading west towards Darklake."

“Definately not towards the drow! We should head west or south to Gracklstugh", declares Buppido in his gravelly voice. “We can find safety there.”

Ever the gambler, JimJar adds, "Or a knife in the back…I bet the odds are better if we head west towards Darklake – I’ll give you good odds that Shuusar can guide us to a Kua-Toa village on its shore."

Shuusar, even the pacifist and used to hiding in the background, is please to be included in the conversation. "Certainly, Slooblupdop is only 8 or so days from here. They would welcome us and we can decide where to go from there. It would be nice to return to my brothers and share this new philosophy of peace with them."

TopsyTurvy remain silent, eyes darting back and forth, watching the see what the party decides.

“I find this underground envionment is not to my liking and only seek to return to my home, above the ground..the quicker the better”, states Prince Derendil in a lofty manner.

“I would eventually like to return to Gauntlgrym, but I feel an adventure unfolding and will go wherever the group decides to go for now.”, replies Eldeth, “What about the four of you?”

The battle above has grown less chaotic and at the moment the Drow are winning. The high priestess is effective in leading the defense and their poisoned crossbow blots give them a slight advantage in that they don’t have to engage their attackers in hand-to-hand..claw? combat right away. Whatever the party is going to do, they should probably decide quickly.

“A trip to Menzoberranzan guarantees a fate worse than death, and gauntlgrym has no place for our kind", Loki replies with a nod towards Unger DeepLoch. “West to dark lake I say. That will get stool closer to home and is further from the wretched place.”

“Back to the surface i say. We stay down here and these damn drow will surely be right behind us!”, argues Unger.

“I agree with the goblin. Let’s head towards the lake. I prefer underground that the surface right now.”, chimes in Skind

“Towards the lake it is”, supplies Zolamon.

With the consensus being to head towards the lake, the group starts off through the western passage. The few that wanted to go in other directions are a not happy with the decision but feel that there is safety in numbers….for now.


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