Prisoners Of The Drow

Session 1


Life just seems to go from bad to worse for our adventurers. After escaping the drow and wandering around in the underdark for a few days, they had the misfortune of encountering a different drow party, one larger and lead by a much more sadistic high priestess, Ilvara.

After a two day forced march, they finally make it to their new, temporary, home of Velkynvale.

Stuck in a pen with ten other captives ( Buppido,Derendil, Eldeth, JimJar, Ront, Sarith, Shuusar, Stool, Topsy & Turvy )), they quickly learned what it meant to be a captive of the drow. Their meals consisted of a thick, pale broth that came to be known as ‘Slop’ or ‘Sludge’, which was offered only once a day. They also had to perform random tasks, such as “Dig a hole, now fill it up”, “empty the chamber pots”, “go fishing for your dinner” ( there were no fish in the water, so it was a useless exercise ), and anything else the priestess could think up. At every turn, Ilvara was there to notice any mistakes and even quicker to punish. Her whip and scepter were always at the ready to provide “instruction” to the lesser races. The only good thing to come from the labor was that a few of the captives were able to secret away a few treasures they found ( A 5’ length of silk rope, a gold coin, a sharp rock and a pet spider )

A dismal existence to be sure.

However, things changed on the 11th day.

It started normal enough, being rudely woken up by Ilvara who came to collect Eldeth for some duty. You could tell from the gleam in her eye it wasn’t going to be fun. Next, Skind “The Singing Dragon” Coldbone and Loki were collected by a different drow, Shoor, and forced to empty the chamber pots of the group of quaggoth that lived in the next cave over. A messy experience for Loki, who ended up wearing the contents of one of the pots from his knees down. At least he was able to pocket a small, dull knife before returning to their own cave.

While they were dumping the pots, JimJar tried to get Zolamon to make a bet on how dirty the two would be when they got back. The bet was refused and JimJar was a bit upset.

Upon returning to the cave, they started to plot how they might best make their escape. Overpower a guard at shift change? Jimmy the lock and sneak out? One thing became very clear, they would need help from the rest of the captives when the time was right. To this end, Zolamon and Loki started talking to each of the other captives to determine who would be with them.

Eldeth returned during this time, sporting a nasty bruise on her cheek where she had a disagreement with Ilvara. Something about her sculpture of Lolth, the spider queen, wasn’t nice enough. They could tell from her tempter, that she was ready to draw blood.

Finally, two drow brought the daily bucket of slop. Ront had finally reached his limit and rushed past the two drow at the cell’s gate. Going full speed, he tried his best to take out Ilvara. A few of the adventures stood up in case they could also make a break for it. Unfortunately, Years of training in the temple had turned her whole body into a deadly weapon. She caught him in the cheek with a whip and in the back of the head with her spider topped scepter. Moving with momentum but no control of his body, he toppled over the edge and onto the large spider-webs below. He quickly became a snack for the large spiders hiding in the upper reaches of the caves, the sounds of cracking and slurping echoing through the cavern.

Their hopes dashed, the group returned to their places and continued to plan. It was finally decided that it might be worth it to at least attempt to jimmy the lock on the cage. Loki, with some stirring encouragement from Skind, proved more than a match for the difficult lock and it quietly snicked open….just as Jorlan stepped into view on the other side of the gate.

Instead of turning them in, he provided them some much needed information about where the weapons and armor were located and offered to create a small diversion as the group tried to escape. A few minutes later, a shout of pain was heard further down the cavern and the group quietly made their way across to a small guardpost, housed in a large, hollowed-out stalactite. Quietly opening the door, Skind “The Singing Dragon” Coldbone cast a spell to ensure that the two guards would stay asleep.

Making their way into the room, the group grabed a few supplies and went through the door on the far wall. Finding various weapons and supplies in this room, including their armor and weapons, everyone geared up just in case there was a fight. The far wall of the supply room contained an open window that overlooked the waters below and a quick decision was made to try to make it down with one of the coils of silk rope that they found.

The descent was going well, with Zolamon helping everyone out the window and down the rope in an orderly manner. Unfortunately, after about 5 members of the group had made it down the rope, two large creatures flew by the window – too fast to see what they were – and screams and shouting was heard elsewhere in the cavern. The Stalactite was shaken as something large collided with it. Moments later, a gruesome creature peeked in the window and not seeing his target, flew off with an angry scream.

The group managed to make it down the rope and into the waters below while the drow were engaged with the attacking creatures. Reaching the shore, the group watched the battle unfold.


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